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Einstein's Media -- Videos and Photos

FlixR.us Demonstration Page

Einstein's Favorite Photos and Movies

The following "media" samples -- photos and videos -- are for you to test your various internet devices -- to see how they work with www.FlixR.us.

If you have a technical problem, please call or text me -- 601-577-1643 -- so that I can research any problems.

Meanwhile, Einstein and I hope you enjoy his media content! -- and will share it, too!

Thank you for viisiting,

Bruce and Einstein

Posters: (More FREE poster DOWNLOADS at www.PhotosR.us )

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DOWNLOAD Poster Above

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Elinstein's " BIG " buddy, named. "Buddy " .
(Not available for download)

Note: Some internet browsers work better pressing the "play" button at the bottom; and some in the center of the display.

2019 4th of July Parade, Eagle Nest, NM, USA

Easter Greeting From Einstein's Bunny

Einee's Dear Friend (DOWNLOAD disabled)

Einstein's Shower (DOWNLOAD disabled)

Einstein & His Pal, Sonny (DOWNLOAD disabled)

Einstein' Friend Oscar Walking (DOWNLOAD disabled)

Einee and the Hummers (DOWNLOAD disabled)

Einee On Ice (DOWNLOAD disabled)

The Rendevous 2010: Large Screen: 1080p

The Rendevous 2010: Smart Phone: 300p

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Ride'm Cowboy - Ridding Wild Beasts!

Eienstein's Dad: Wild Beast Riding

OK, the following "beast riding" video is sure to bring a smile to your face, but it is also a chance to show folks what we do at Videos R dot US™ at www.VideosR.us

We Liberate™ Video -- from old movie films -- to 2020 video "archive standards" in keeping with recommendations from The National Archives and Records Administration.

We then "showcase" videos at www.FlixR.us (this site) for media distribution and downloads -- for our clients' Liberated Video and Photos.

And, yes, this is footage of me -- your's truly, known in Eagle Nest as "Einstein's Dad"-- AKA Bruce Mayfield. Enjoy!

Oh, you can also see video and photos of Einstein -- on his webpage -- by returning to the home page of Flix R dot Us at: www.FlixR.us

Movie Film ReColorization

Split Screen Comparison:
Original Video / ReMastered™ Video

Title: Ride'm Cowboy DOWNLOAD (disabled)

(All images copyrighted by Bruce Mayfield 2017)

Description of Custom ReColorization™

  1. (Original: Left) " Red face " is
    (Remastered: Right) now flesh colored " ;
  2. (L) Red shirt is (R) now brilliant red;
  3. (L) Drab grass is (R) now green grass and sharper;
  4. (L) Blue cast tree bark (R) is now dark brown:
  5. (L) Washed-out picture (R) now has HDTV depth;
  6. (L) Grandpa's green shirt and hair -- (R) are now natural grey.

What you do NOT see:

The Originally video had speed/motion distortion of 25% faster than native running movie film. Now the speed/motion has been digitally restored using Digital Algorithmic Interpolation™ (DAI). Bottom line, the video has True-to-Life™ Motion at True-to-Life™ Speed -- same as the original movie film.

The Original video is from an " interlaced " " film transfer " -- " captured " over 10 years ago -- pre-HDTV era.
Our Re-Mastered™ Re-Colorized™ Video -- is now Progressive Scan video -- ReEngineered using this decade's modern DAI technology -- not outdated " video capture " of last century.

A picture is worth a thousand words;
But VideosR.us™ Liberated Video™ ...Can Say It All.™

Videos " Rrr.Us "™ -- " BETTER THAN THE ORIGINAL " -- Liberated For EVER!™

All images and videos on this page are copyrighted by Bruce Mayfield 2017
with all rights reserved; however, You are welcomed to share this link with friends and family!

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What is FlixR.us

What is -- Flix R dot Us™ at FlixR.us

Flix R dot Us™ is a Password Protected Video and Photo Distribution™ website -- located at www.FlixR.us.

FlixR.us is the best way to watch -- and share -- your private media content -- home movies and photos -- securely -- on your Smart Devices and on your WiFi enabled devices .

FlixR.us also has a " computer download " feature -- enabled ONLY upon request -- ONLY for PC and Mac computers.

Videos R dot US™ at www.VideosR.us™ offers a broad scope of post-production services to our clients -- for clients in need of Video Tributes™ Liberated For EVER!™ -- as Liberated Video.

We also offer a variety of photo enhancement and digitalization services -- to intermix with your video -- to tell YOUR story.

We also offer coaching services -- for narrating and documenting your own movies -- and we assist in the technical work of synchronizing post-production narration with video.

However, we can not help you, if you do not ask!

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